Ali Francis

Special Projects


Some special Projects

  1. Spirit Vegetable—an online quiz I designed and wrote for Dig Inn. I’m an Indigo Rose Tomato. Youuuuu?

  2. Interviewing pioneering street photographer, Bruce Gilden, for the Leica Gallery Melbourne opening (November 2018) was a real trip. Mini documentary produced with my buddo Jarod Taber. Bruce, wow, what a dude.

  3. I Art Directed all the content and creative for Cissé Cocoa Co’s rebrand to Cocomama. (The brownies are honestly almost too much.)

  4. The Dig Farm is a mini documentary and microsite for Dig Inn, to celebrate their proprietary farm. (Yes, a real farm!)

  5. Olio! A monthly(ish) meal and a quarterly(ish) zine I started with my friend and collaborator, Elie Andersen. (We got a little press here, here, and here.)

  6. Dirt is a site I pitched, created, designed, edited, and wrote for, for Dig Inn. (RIP Dirt, you were great.)

  7. Baking Supply Co. is a cannabis meal delivery business I tried to start with my brother, Hugh. You know: red tape and what not, but I still love it a lot. Maybe later?